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About Us

How we started

About Us

How we started

Aafyawalet Story

Founded by two successful superwomen, Puan Elle and Puan Eyza back in 2019. Modern women are now not only the pillars of their families but also have big dreams in managing businesses.

Therefore, requirements such as ensuring a good and energetic self-appearance are very important for both of them.

There is so much emphasis on “fast-fix” for beauty and energy using highly processed supplement. However, Aafyawalet went for different route that promote natural, safe and proven in order to achieve internal and external.

Aaafywalet bird’s nest is the first product for the brand.

For Women

By Women For Women

Return the internal and external beauty with Aafyawalet consumption.

Best bird's nest for your beauty

Bird's nest supplement specially formulated to help with internal and external beauty for women.